GPS Clock Built

Just a quick post… gps_clock_2_8900Yesterday I wrapped up the schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) design for the GPS clock, and built it. One software change was needed — in the course of laying out the pushbuttons, it worked better use to them in a different order (e.g., up was formerly button 1, it became #4). Thankfully that soft of change is trivially easy to make in software. Of course I built the board with a 6-pin AVR programming header to enable software changes.

This was my best experience yet with toner transfer — I cleaned the copper really well first, then lightly etched with white vinegar, scrubbed with 0000 steel wool, gps_clock_2_toner_transfer_8899and finally wiped with acetone. Just like in painting, surface preparation is apparently where success is determined.

I like the clock with its guts showing, though maybe I’ll use an enclosure on the next one.

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